for learning HelixML - helixml/helix

To learn HelixML, you can refer to the official Helix repository ( for code snippets and documentation. Here are some key technologies and dependencies that you should be familiar with:

In addition to the official documentation, you can also refer to online resources like MIT OpenCourseWare ( for learning concepts related to HelixML. For example, you can take the MIT course on "Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python" ( to learn programming concepts that are relevant to HelixML.

When it comes to learning platforms, Educative is a good option for learning HelixML as it offers beginner-friendly courses with an interactive code editor, illustrations, and assessments. You can take the Educative course on "Go Fundamentals" ( to learn the basics of Go programming, which is the primary language used in HelixML. Additionally, Educative offers courses on Docker, Git, PostgreSQL, and other technologies that are used in HelixML.

In summary, to learn HelixML, you should be familiar with the Go programming language, Docker, Git, PostgreSQL, Go Mocking Framework, Gorilla Router, Gorilla Websocket, Material UI, JWT, and Go CMP. You can refer to the official Helix repository, the official documentation of each technology, and online learning platforms like Educative to learn these concepts.