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Unlocking Code Secrets: At, we don't just let you chat to the code; we help you understand it. By focusing on the whole ecosystem around a codebase, we ensure you're not just copying and pasting but learning the 'why' and 'how' behind every line.

Demystifying Deployment: Deployment is more than pushing code to production; it's about bringing ideas to life. We're here to clarify this process, guiding you through the varied landscapes of deployment practices. Our goal is to make you confident in using the tools and environments that transform code into functioning software.

Clarifying Concepts and Dependencies: Every project stands on the shoulders of giants — libraries, frameworks, and tools that make modern software possible. illuminates this network of dependencies, helping you navigate, update, and troubleshoot them. But our vision goes deeper, aiming to provide clarity on the foundational concepts that underpin these dependencies and code itself.

As evolves, our focus remains on these high-level goals: to transform how you engage with technology, from passive observer to active contributor. We're building a platform that not only makes code accessible but also enriches your understanding of the software development process as a whole.

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Founded by Ben Hall, the mind behind Katacoda (acquired by O'Reilly Media in November 2019). Here, we're creating a space where developers at all levels can dive into codebases with confidence. Our platform turns complex codebases into straightforward learning experiences.