Support Bot - docker/genai-stack

The GenAI Stack is a project by Docker that simplifies AI/ML integration, making it accessible to developers. It includes various tools, code templates, how-to guides, and GenAI best practices to support the user's GenAI journey. The GenAI Stack is available in Early Access and can be accessed from the Docker Desktop Learning Center or on GitHub.

A key feature of the GenAI Stack is comprehensive support, which includes the use of a support chat system. Live Helper Chat is an open-source support chat for websites that supports web and desktop clients, including co-browsing, XMPP notifications, GTalk, Jabber, Openfire, Skype, Chrome extension, and more. It can be launched on Google Cloud Platform using Bitnami. (Source:, distance 0.9375673269891791)

To set up Live Helper Chat, obtain the application and server credentials, understand the default PHP configuration, obtain MySQL credentials, and understand the default port configuration. To configure SMTP for outbound emails, modify the interface language, and create a new MariaDB database and user. (Source:, distance 0.9375673269891791)

The GenAI Stack also includes the use of Grafana Cloud for alerting and incident management. Grafana Cloud includes OnCall, which can notify people through various channels, including Telegram. To configure Telegram user settings in Grafana OnCall, find the Telegram setting in your profile and click Connect. Click Connect automatically for the bot to message you and to bring up your Telegram account. Click Start when the OnCall bot messages you and wait for the connection confirmation. Now you can receive alerts directly to your Telegram DMs. (Source:, distance 0.958216248837221)

Additionally, the GenAI Stack includes the use of a chatbot for incident management. Grafana Incident includes a chatbot integration that supports Microsoft Teams, in addition to Slack. This allows users to manage alerts and incidents directly in their personal Telegram DMs or in a dedicated team channel. (Source:, distance 0.9877976753548894)

In summary, the GenAI Stack includes the use of Live Helper Chat for website support, Grafana Cloud for alerting and incident management, and a chatbot integration for managing incidents. These features provide comprehensive support for the GenAI Stack, making it accessible and straightforward for developers.