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Colorful terminal output is a popular way to enhance the user experience when working in a command-line interface. This documentation page provides an overview of various resources and tools that enable colorful terminal output, focusing on the big picture.

Bringing Color to Your Terminal

  1. Bring some color to your Linux terminal with lolcat - This article from introduces the simple utility called lolcat that allows you to add a rainbow of colors to the output of any program.

  2. Take a break at the Linux command line with Nyan Cat - A follow-up article from featuring nyancat, another utility that adds colorful animations to your terminal.

Customizing Your Linux Terminal

  1. Customize your Linux terminal with your favorite logo - This article from discusses how to change the color theme and add a logo to your Linux terminal.

  2. How to change the color of your Linux terminal - This article from explains how to change the color of your Linux terminal using various methods.

  3. Change your Linux terminal color theme - Another article from that covers changing the color theme of your Linux terminal.

Terminal Appearance in Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code also supports colorful terminal output. The Terminal Appearance documentation page explains how to customize the terminal appearance, including setting colors and adjusting contrast ratio.

Additional Resources

  1. SSH cheat sheet - This SSH cheat sheet from includes various color-coded examples.

  2. Advanced Linux commands cheat sheet - Another cheat sheet from featuring color-coded examples of advanced Linux commands.

  3. Linux command line tutorials - A collection of Linux command line tutorials from, some of which include colorful terminal output examples.

  4. GitLab Runner on Windows - This documentation page from GitLab explains how to install GitLab Runner on Windows and how to ensure colored output in the web terminal.

  5. Terminal Trick: What is your favorite Linux terminal trick? - A community discussion on about favorite Linux terminal tricks, some of which involve colorful terminal output.