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The git package is a popular choice for managing Git repositories within Node.js applications, especially in the context of the Moby project. This documentation provides an overview of the git package, its usage, and relevant resources for working with Git in Node.js projects.


The git package is a Node.js library for interacting with Git repositories. With over 180 other projects in the NPM registry utilizing this library, it's a widely adopted solution for managing Git repositories within Node.js environments. The latest version is 0.1.5, published over 11 years ago.

To install the package, run npm i git in your terminal.

Why Use It?

The git package allows for manipulation of Git repositories directly from a Node.js application. Although not all features are implemented directly in node-git, it's a useful tool for managing Git repositories in a Node.js environment.


To get started, you can find the source code on GitHub at You can either clone the repository or download a tarball of the latest release.

Once you have the source, test the driver by running:

  • Unix-based systems: $ make test
  • Windows: PS > node.exe .\node_modules\nodeunit\bin\nodeunit .\test

For simple examples of usage, look at the tests included in the repository.


Here are some resources for learning more about Git and using it with Node.js:

  1. Getting started with Git -
  2. Creating your first Git repository -
  3. What is Git? -
  4. GitHub - Kubescape
  5. How to cohost GitHub and GitLab with Ansible -


The git package is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. For more information, visit


The git package is a valuable tool for managing Git repositories within Node.js projects. By understanding its usage and available resources, you can effectively utilize this library to streamline your development workflow.