The Big Picture - golang/go - Community and Culture

Golang, also known as Go, is an open-source programming language developed by Google. The language has gained significant popularity due to its simplicity, efficiency, and strong community support. In this documentation, we will explore various aspects of the Golang community and culture.


Grafana Cloud Documentation

Grafana is an open-source platform for data visualization and monitoring. The Golang community is actively involved in creating value mappings for Grafana panels. For more information on configuring value mappings, refer to the official documentation.


Tinkerbell is an open-source project for bare metal automation. The project's community is dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation. For more information on the Tinkerbell community, visit their website.

Collaboration in Open Source License Enforcement

Collaboration is a crucial aspect of open-source communities, including the Golang community. In this article, Red Hat discusses the importance of collaboration in open-source license enforcement and how it's becoming a community movement.

Open Source Community Management

Effective community management is essential for any open-source project, including Golang. This article from provides insights into managing community obstacles and preventing potential headaches.

Community Thinking Pattern

Understanding the community's thinking pattern can help in fostering collaboration and productivity. This article from discusses the importance of community thinking pattern and how it can lead to superior outcomes.

Decoding Open Source DNA

Building and nurturing a community can be challenging, as discussed in this article from The article provides insights into the importance of understanding people's passions and aligning their interests to project needs.

TiKV Community Connections

The TiKV community is dedicated to fostering a vibrant, accepting, and worldwide community. For more information on the TiKV community, visit their blog.


The Golang community is a vibrant and inclusive group of developers and organizations dedicated to the advancement of the Go programming language. Effective community management, collaboration, and understanding the community's needs and interests are essential for the continued growth and success of the Golang community.