The Big Picture - chainguard-dev/apko - Open Containers Initiative

The Open Containers Initiative (OCI) is a collaborative effort between industry leaders, vendors, and users to define common specifications for container formats and runtimes. The initiative was formed under the Linux Foundation in 2015 with Docker's donation of their base container format and runtime, runC. The goal is to create a minimalist, openly governed project that fosters innovation, portability, and interoperability in container technology.

Containers have gained significant attention and adoption in recent years due to their advantages in packaging, collaboration, and runtime. They offer a lightweight, distributable, and portable solution for deploying applications, making them an essential component of digital transformation and cloud-native development.

In 2017, Kubernetes emerged as the primary means to manage and orchestrate OCI-format containers, leading to its widespread adoption. Standardization and security were other significant themes in container news, with organizations focusing on creating consistent container environments and securing their container deployments.

The Open Container Initiative continues to evolve, with the community working on defining and refining specifications to ensure a consistent and interoperable container ecosystem. This collaboration fosters innovation and enables organizations to leverage the benefits of container technology effectively.